Helles 5.3% one way keg 30l


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Helles 5.3% one way keg 30l

Our HELLES from the wooden barrel has a lower carbon dioxide content and it is therefore more drinkable. It flows slowly and under the pressure of its own gravity, fresh and chilled from the barrel. As a result, it has the special mildness that beer connoisseurs value in wooden barrel beers.

Helles 5.3% one way keg 30l

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Helles one way keg

Our HELLES from the wooden barrel has a lower carbon dioxide content and it is therefore more drinkable. It flows slowly and under the pressure of its own gravity, fresh and chilled from the barrel. As a result, it has the special mildness that beer connoisseurs value in wooden barrel beers.

Helles 5.3% one way keg 30l

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Bavarian Pils

In 1842, the Lower Bavarian brewmaster Josef Groll developed the beer in Pilsen, Czech Republic, which was to quickly conquer the whole world under the name of his birthplace. In contrast to many northern German beers of this brewing style, our Bavarian Pils is milder, more balanced, more drinkable.

It is a true “Braumeisterbier” – a taste experience for connoisseurs who love a balanced hop note.

We have set up our own storage cellar for our Pilsner, precisely tailored to its needs, where it can ferment in peace until it is perfect – elegant and bright, with a subtle malt body.

Fresh, sparkling, with a light, slender body. The exclusive use of the best Hallertau aroma hops creates a wonderfully young, fresh bitter note.

Original wort content 11.8 °

Alcohol content 5.1 %

Quantity: Case of 20

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Oh My God Josef

Why does this beer have a first name? Because we want to commemorate a very special person who is inextricably linked to our brewery. The story of the Sailer family at the Hofbräuhaus Traunstein began in 1896 with Josef Sailer, and we are still continuing it today.

Not least with this harmoniously mild, pale bock beer, whose light caramel and delicate hop notes make up its harmonious essence.

Since 2014, this beer steeped in history has been brewed again in our house, and has since found numerous fans. Like its dark brother bock beer “Maximilian”, “Josef” is also a real pleasure beer with craft beer character and the ideal companion to good food.

Deep golden colour. Power and volume form the special character: harmonious, exciting and elegant, rounded off by fresh hop notes.

Original wort content 16,5°

Alcohol content  7,2 %

Quantity: Case of 24

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Maximilian be Strong

An absolute pleasure beer that goes particularly well with hearty, spicy food. Bock beer was originally a typical beer for Lent: because the monks were not allowed to eat meals, they turned to these nourishing beers instead.

Its special character today is characterised by velvety, strong malt notes and complex aromas of chocolate, coffee and prune.

Since more valuable raw materials are needed to make this bock beer than for lighter beers, it has always been considered an expression of prosperity and enjoyment. Hofbräuhaus Traunstein has had this special beer in its range since the 1950s – among other things also under the name “Vollmondbock” (full moon bock), because in the old days it was only allowed to be brewed then. Today it forms the highlight of our annual strong beer festival in the historic hall of the Hofbräuhaus Traunstein.

Dark fiery colour, velvety smooth drink. An unforgettably intense taste of malty roast aromas, caramel and a hint of chocolate.

Original wort content 19.2 °

Alcohol content 7.8 %

Quantity: Case of 24

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Alcohol Free Helles

An aromatic hoppy refreshment with flattering sweetness, isotonic and non-alcoholic.

Alcohol content less than 0.5% vol.

Fürsten Trunk

Fürstentrunk was first brewed in the early 1950s by Fritz Sailer and his brewmaster Heinrich Steiner. After all the thin beers during wartime, one could finally afford a good strong beer again – noble, strong, light.

In the 1960s it was known as “Heimgehbier” – the last beer before going home.

This festive beer matures for three to four months in our dark, cool cellars. The Fürstentrunk embodies our historic founding mission by Elector Maximilian I like no other beer – and with a little imagination, the velvety taste is reminiscent of the prince’s soft robes.

Our light festival beer. Strong taste with full hop aroma, light sunny malt tones and higher original wort. An insider tip among beer connoisseurs.

Original wort content 13.2 °

Alcohol content 5.7 %


Dunkel is the original form of bottom-fermented Bavarian beer, because before 1900 there was no naturally soft water and no light malt for brewing light beers. Our “Braunbier” has been produced according to a traditional recipe for over 400 years and has been part of our regular range ever since, making it our second oldest variety after Weissbier.

A decidedly malty, not too sweet beer with comparatively little alcohol, a dark red to chestnut brown colour – and a delicate hint of chocolate.

This makes it a perfect treat for autumn and goes perfectly with hearty dishes, for example with game, duck or mushrooms.

The beer from a good old time: Strong dark brown with a delicate caramel flavour. Soft in the drink with proud dark malt character, pleasantly full-bodied.

Original wort content 12.9 °

Alcohol content 5.0 %


This was our first and, for a long time, only type of beer after the Hofbräuhaus Traunstein was founded as a pure wheat beer brewery in 1612. Because he wanted to displace wine in the region, Elector Maximilian I created the wheat beer monopoly: although the conventional brown beer was still allowed, innkeepers always had to offer wheat beer as well. This beer was still the exception at that time, as the valuable wheat was actually reserved for bread production.

A specially bred yeast strain gives our wheat beer classic wonderfully complex fruit aromas.

In the 1980s, Hofbräuhaus Traunstein wrote a new chapter in this success story by becoming the world’s first brewery to offer wheat beer in kegs.

Honey-coloured and with all the power of our own yeast. Wonderfully refreshing, with a soft yeasty bouquet and full fruit aroma. Our masterpiece, containing all our passion – and over 400 years of brewing experience.

Original wort content 12.3 °

Alcohol content 5.5 %


Helles Leicht

Because raw materials were scarce during the Second World War, thin or light beers dominated the market. These beers, popular as thirst quenchers among harvest workers, were also called “Scheps”. They experienced their renaissance in the 1980s.

Our Helles Leicht is one of the most technically demanding beers that can be brewed according to the Purity Law.

After all, it should naturally have the full flavour despite the low alcohol content. This is where the true skill of a master brewer comes into play. Because unlike many other beers, which are simply deprived of part of their alcohol, we brew it as an independent, light and hop-accentuated variety right from the start.

Wonderfully tangy and refreshing, with a cheeky hint of hops. A summery, light beer – and the perfect alternative when you want a little less alcohol.

Original wort content 8.7 °

Alcohol content 3.7 %


The Helle – since time immemorial the pride, signature and flagship of a Bavarian brewery. A classic, but at the same time one that places high demands on the art of its brewer. Our Helles in its current form was created after Fritz Sailer and his brewmaster returned from the Second World War. This beer was also intended to be a real new beginning and, in contrast to many relatively dark competitor beers, to live up to its name.

With its particularly light colour, the Helle from Traunstein set a trend that continues to this day.

It is still by far our most popular beer. Velvety, soft and round, mild and full-bodied, pleasure and at the same time anticipation – for the next glass. “A beer has to be so good that by the second pint you’re already ordering the third and thinking about the fourth…” Master brewer Matthias Sailer

Brilliant pale yellow colour, clear shiny appearance, distinct malt aroma, underpinned with pleasantly light hop and yeast notes. A wonderful pale beer, harmonious, full-bodied and fantastically balanced.